Oxana Shachko (Co-founder of FEMEN)

Oxana Shachko was born in Ukraine in 1987.

She grew up in the small town of Khmelnitsky, far away from Kiev. As a teenager, she already liked icon painting and wanted to be a nun. However, she was persuaded by her parents to forget this idea. Therefore, she got more and more interested in political and philosophical matters.

A few years later, creating the FEMEN movement with Anna Hutsol and Sasha Shevchenko, she gave herself the mission to make Ukrainian people aware of their condition and convince them to fight for their rights.

In 2008, she left her small town to go to Kiev where she rented an artist studio. Here, the FEMEN produced useful stuff for their fights: costumes, masks, placards, etc. At the same year, she had the idea to manifest bare-breasted at Kiev with placards reading "Ukraine is not a brothel".

With FEMEN, Oxana Shachko also want to break the vicious circle of poverty and mass unemployment, inherited from a communist past.

The film I Am FEMEN is giving an insight into the busy life of Oxana SHACHKO which is full of the FEMEN's business. Indeed, she has to manage complaints, personal appearances, judicial proceedings, etc. The film also shows more personal parts of her life, for example visits to her Cossacks friends and her mother.

In 2013, Ukrainians secret services had forced FEMEN to leave the country so Oxana Shachko decided to go to Paris where she has been living since, waiting to go back home and to keep fighting.

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