LuxFilmFest - Home Edition: Theme Weeks

Relive LuxFilmFest’s previous editions on!

Over the course of April, LuxFilmFest – Home Edition brought some of the Luxembourgish (co)productions selected for the Festival’s tenth edition to Now, the online edition of the Luxembourg City Film Festival is about to head into its second phase.

From 8th May to 18th June 2020, Luxembourg City Film Festival is going to bring its extensive back catalogue from previous years back to life thanks to theme weeks on

Each week, the Festival’s Artistic Committee will present a curated thematic selection of films to residents of Luxembourg at preferential rates and even offer three films completely free of charge each weekend!

Every Friday, a new set of films will appear in the LuxFilmFest – Home Edition tab on (, available at a special discounted price for seven days. From Friday evening, 5 PM, to Monday morning, will offer its users three films of the selection for free.


The second phase’s programme:
(* films available for free on weekends)


The end of the lockdown is nearing. You’ve run out of educational activities for your kids? Worry not! Our selection for young audiences will keep your children busy until they head back to class.


AWAY FROM THE CITY (15.05. – 21.05.)
From the Belgian countryside to the Indonesian jungle, this selection will take you off the beaten track and air out your home with some fresh world cinema.

  • BULLHEAD (RUNDSKOP)* by Michaël R. Roskam – free from 15.05. to 17.05.
  • EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT* by Ciro Guerra – free from 15.05. to 17.05.
  • SIBEL* by Guillaume Giovanetti & Çağla Zencirci – free from 15.05. to 17.05. (Made in/with Luxembourg)
  • LEAN ON PETE by Andrew Haigh
  • STYX by Wolfgang Fischer (Made in/with Luxembourg)
  • ESCAPADA by Sarah Hirtt (Made in/with Luxembourg)
  • RAMS by Grímur Hákonarson
  • TIMBUKTU by Abderrahmane Sissako
  • UGLY by Anurag Kashyap


Nine films that remind us why love and passion are the most complicated human emotions.

  • A SEPARATION (UNE SÉPARATION)* by Asghar Farhadi – free from 22.05. to 24.05.
  • WAJMA, AN AFGHAN LOVE STORY (WAJMA, UNE FIANCÉE AFGHANE)* by Barmak Akram – free from 22.05. to 24.05.
  • MONSIEUR LAZHAR* by Philippe Falardeau – free from 22.05. to 24.05.
  • TABU: THE SOUL IS A STRANGER ON EARTH by Christoph Stark (Made in/with Luxembourg)
  • ANOTHER WOMAN’S LIFE (LA VIE D'UNE AUTRE) by Sylvie Testud (Made in/with Luxembourg)
  • MAMMAL by Rebecca Daly (Made in/with Luxembourg)
  • PORTO by Gabe Klinger
  • REAL LOVE (C’EST ÇA L’AMOUR) by Claire Burger


STRANGE OCCURRENCES (29.05. – 4.06.)
Gold teeth and razor-sharp fangs are waiting for you in this most beautiful of freak shows starring a fair share of split personalities.


HOLLYWOOD ARTHOUSE (5.06. – 11.06.)
Big casts and stunning pictures.


COMING HOME (12.06. – 18.06.)
A non-exhaustive look back at some of the Luxembourgish (co-)productions that left their mark on the Festival’s history.

  • ELDORADO* by Rui Abreu, Thierry Besseling & Loïc Tanson – free from 12.06. to 14.06. (Made in/with Luxembourg)
  • BABY(A)LONE* by Donato Rotunno – free from 12.06. to 14.06. (Made in/with Luxembourg)
  • FOREIGN AFFAIRS* by Pasha Rafiy – free from 12.06. to 14.06. (Made in/with Luxembourg)
  • DER SOLIST by Pierre Hansen (Made in/with Luxembourg)
  • MELODY by Bernard Bellefroid (Made in/with Luxembourg)
  • WHORE’S GLORY by Michael Glawogger (Made in/with Luxembourg)
  • D’SYMMETRIE VUM PÄIPERLEK by Paul Scheuer & Maisy Hausemer (Made in/with Luxembourg)
  • SOUS LE FIGUIER by Anne-Marie Etienne (Made in/with Luxembourg)
  • CELLO TALES by Anne Schiltz (Made in/with Luxembourg)
  • NAKED OPERA by Angela Christlieb (Made in/with Luxembourg)
  • SUCCÈS FOX by Désirée Nosbusch & Marc Limpach (Made in/with Luxembourg)
  • PUPPYLOVE by Delphine Lehericey (Made in/with Luxembourg)
  • POST PARTUM by Delphine Noels (Made in/with Luxembourg)
  • THE SWALLOWS OF KABUL (LES HIRONDELLES DE KABOUL) by Zabou Breitman & Eléa Gobbé-Mévellec (Made in/with Luxembourg)
  • FOR A HAPPY LIFE (POUR VIVRE HEUREUX) by Sarah Glamine & Dimitri Linder (Made in/with Luxembourg)


On Friday, 8th May, get your binge on in the LUXFILMFEST HOME EDITION tab on -

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