Amir Arsames Escandari

Finland, Denmark, Sweden, 2014 / 93 min / Portuguese with English subt. / Documentary

A group of friends risk death to make their mark on the world

Four young men from the slums of São Paulo have one mission in life. Without any safety gear, they scale tall buildings to spray-paint their names and slogans criticizing society. The camera follows them in their daily lives, at work, at home in the favela or at night during their climbs or their raids for copper. When they are invited to the Berlin Biennale, a memorable culture clash ensues, as it appears that the curator fails to understand what lies at the heart of pixaçao. (IDFA)

It is a story about forgotten men who want to be recognized and acknowledged. The film aims to portray an alternative that has been created by the unfortunate ones who have been enduring the social struggle for years. (Amir Arsames Escandari)

Sat 28/02 19:00 Ciné Utopia Public
Mon 02/03 19:00 Cinémathèque Public

[…] director Escandari presents a portrait of favela life that is alternately hopeless, and exhilarating, but in the end examines an art movement born of anger, want and desperation. (John Anderson,, February 5, 2014)

The filmmaking is nearly as breathtaking as the subject matter in Amir Escandari’s “Pixadores,” a portrait of Sao Paolo’s revolutionary graffiti artists, who tag the tallest buildings in the dark of night, drive more finicky aesthetes insane and are certainly dropping a little equatorial rain on Brazil’s makeover parade:…(John Anderson,, February 5,2014)

  • Special Prize for Finnish Film Over 30 Minutes – Tampere International Short Film Festival, 2014 (Finland)
Cast & Credits
Amir Arsames Escandari
Søren B. Ebbe
Directeur de la photo 
Peter Flinckenberg
Michel Wenzer
Helsinki Films, Fridthjof Film & Story AB
The Yellow Affair

Amir Arsames Escandari was born in Teheran in 1979, Iran. At the age of seven, Amir and his family were forced to leave Iran. The family ended up in Yugoslavia but had to leave the country when the civil war broke out in 1990. They moved to Finland where they were granted asylum. Amir Arsames Escandari has studied film directing at the University of Wales, Newport. “Pixadores“ is his first feature documentary.

  • Pixadores, 2014