Diego Lerman

Argentina, Colombia, France, Poland, 2014 / 95 min / Spanish with French subt. / Drama

A mother and son on the run from an abusive husband. 

Dressed in a Spiderman costume, eight year-old Matías arrives at a women’s shelter with his pregnant mother Laura, fleeing from yet another outburst of violence from the father. They spend two days at the shelter, adapting to new rules of cohabitation and coming across many discoveries. Laura decides to leave the shelter, to set out and rebuild her broken family. With Matías, she begins a whirlwind tour through the city, where things once familiar now pose a threat.

In this film, part-thriller and part-domestic road movie, strange characters and situation are triggers, always reflected through the eyes of Matías, for whom reality has unexpectedly turned into a true mystery. Slowly, Matías comes to term with the deep transformation of his world and all that is around him. 

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The story of a woman and her young son fleeing from an abusive husband and father is told simply and skillfully in “Refugiado,” a well-acted and steadily absorbing realist drama from Argentinean writer-director Diego Lerman. Primarily adopting a child’s-eye perspective but eventually expanding its focus to adopt the mother’s p.o.v. as well, the picture displays a quiet confidence in choosing to withhold just the right degree of information from the viewer: After a disorienting, fragmentary setup, it moves through increasingly tense and suspenseful passages before arriving at a tender moment of honest emotional reckoning.( Justin Chang, Variety)

  • Sélection à la Quinzaine des Réalisateurs – Festival de Cannes 2014 (France)
  • Silver Hugo, Special Jury Prize – Chicago International Film Festival, 2014 (USA)
  • Prix UNESCO et Prix de la meilleure photographie – International New Latin American Cinema in Havana, 2014 (Cuba)
Cast & Credits
Julieta Diaz, Sebastián Molinaro, Marta Lubos
Diego Lerman, Maria Meiras
Wojciech Staron
Alejandro Brodersohn
Sabrina Campos, Micaela Saiegh
José Villalobos
El Campo Cine, Burning Blue, Staron Film, Bellota Films
Imagine Films

Diego Lerman was born in Buenos Aires (1976). He studied film at the University of Buenos Aires, took drama courses and attended a seminar at the Filmschool of San Antonio de los Banos in Cuba. In 2002 he won prices for his first feature film ”Tan de Repente” in Buenos Aires and in Locarno.The same year he became a resident of the Cinéfondation where he wrote his second film “Mientras Tanto”. He also worked for the theatre and for television and founded his own production company El Campo Ciné.

  • Refugiado, 2014
  • La mirada invisible (The invisible Eye), 2010
  • Fronteras Argentinas : Servicios prestados (documentary), 2007
  • Mientras tanto, 2006