Good Kill

Andrew Niccol

USA, 2014 / 104 min / English / Drama

Egan used to live to fly. Now, he spends eight hours each day fighting the War on Terror by remote control and the remaining time at his suburban home. When Egan and his crew are told to start taking orders directly from the CIA — which selects its targets based not on personal profiles but patterns of activity — the notion of a "good" kill becomes even more maddeningly abstract, and Egan's ability to comply with his superiors' directives reaches its breaking point.

Bringing intelligence and compassion to a story about ordinary people caught up in global conflicts beyond their comprehension, “Good Kill” is a bold and troubling film, raising urgent moral questions that all of us need to reckon with. (Jane Schoettle, TIFF 2014)

Tue 03/03 19:00 Ciné Utopia Public

Given that the U.S. government’s policies are viewed with a critical eye in Good Kill — above all the CIA’s involvement in military missions — Niccol’s film provides plenty of editorial fodder and provocative food for thought. (David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter, September 5, 2014)


Niccol’s film takes a somber, nuanced and compelling look at the War on Terror as it is waged by U.S. drone pilots […] (Jessica Kiang, The Playlist, September 5, 2014)


Rife as it is with heated political questioning, this essentially human story steers clear of overt rhetorical side-taking: The Obama administration comes in for some implicit criticism here, but the film’s perspective on America’s ongoing Middle East presence isn’t one the right is likely to take to heart. (Guy Lodge, Variety, September 5, 2014)

Cast & Credits
Ethan Hawke, Zoë Kravitz, January Jones
Andrew Niccol
Amir Mokri
Zach Staenberg
Guy Barnes
Christophe Beck
Voltage Pictures, Sobini Films
Remain In Light

Born in New Zealand in 1964, Andrew Niccol learned the filmmaking craft as a TV commercial director in Great Britain. After making ads for ten years, Niccol decided to relocate to Hollywood in order to make movies that "lasted longer than 60 seconds." He made his feature film directorial debut with “Gattaca” in 1997. The following year, his screenplay “Truman Show” (directed by Peter Weir) put Niccol's name on the Hollywood map.


  • Good Kill, 2014
  • The Host, 2013
  • In time, 2011
  • The Lord of War, 2005
  • S1m0ne, 2002
  • The Truman Show (writer), 1998
  • Gattaca, 1997