CNA Present: In conversation with...: Tracy Dawson & Vicky Krieps

Cercle Cité 240 min Vom 10/03/2024 2:30 pm bis zum 10/03/2024


“A masterclass about scriptwriting, acting, collaboration, and the opportunity to create new stories together.”

During this unprecedented masterclass, Tracy Dawson and Vicky Krieps will revisit their journeys as actresses and screenwriter, from their beginnings to the present day.

Together, they will discuss the milestones they have crossed, the opportunities, the challenges, the choices they have had to make, the encounters that have encouraged or discouraged them, the place of women in the film industry, and the relocations they have both experienced during their careers.

Tracy Dawson will then introduce her duality as an actress and a screenwriter, and how the screenwriter emerged within the actress, how one has helped the other to develop, to become more relevant and complete. While traditionally these are two cinema professions that rarely meet, they have much to gain together, allowing for a screenplay and dialogue writing closer to what the actor can or cannot embody, and enabling actors to better understand the genesis of the project and the intentions of its author.

It’s not about writing for an actress but with her!

This encounter is that of Tracy Dawson and Vicky Krieps, two women who are determined to push some boundaries in the world of cinema. It’s a unique meeting and collaboration between

an actress and a screenwriter who wants to tell a story, a singular and plural view of the world, with humor, emotion, and a touch of drama.

While comedy and humor have long been the domain of men and often overlooked in awards, this is the niche Tracy Dawson has chosen. Humor as a true dramatic tool, allowing for discussions on everything, on oneself, on the most serious subjects, to create complex emotions in the viewer. Thus, the possibilities of a genre they are determined to develop throughout their collaboration will also be explored.

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