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  • The Kids Jury

For the fifth time, a school class of 8-12-year olds (class of the cycle 3.1 of the Bonnevoie-Gellé primary school) had the opportunity to watch and analyse a selection of five films from the Young Audiences programme. The Kids Jury, made up of these schoolchildren, selected TOTEM by Sander Burger, a Luxemburgish co-production as the winner of the “Kids Jury Award”, stating:

“We, the children’s jury, congratulate the winner TOTEM!

Ama’s story is full of suspense, perfectly accentuated by the music and the very convincing performance of the lead actress. The porcupine Totem is super realistic and each of us now wants to have our own Totem.

Many thanks also to the other films in the competition which were very good. It was an unforgettable experience. “


  • The School Jury

High school students aged 12 and above watched and discussed a selection of films from the Young Audiences programme.

The 2023 School Jury (class 6e of the Lycée de Garçons Luxembourg) has decided to award the School Jury Prize to TOTEM by Sander Burger.

They said: “Our class of 6e CI03 from the Lycée de Garçons would like to share with you our appreciation of the films screened during the “young audience” week before presenting you with our motivated decision concerning this year’s winner.

We would like to unanimously highlight the quality of the films we saw and discussed in class. Thank you for introducing us to these films.

Finally, we are proud to award the school jury prize to the film TOTEM.

This film appealed to us and our choice is motivated by the following arguments:

The choice of music and the camera, which made us experience the action fully, gave rise to many emotions during the screening. Moreover, the close-ups allowed us to understand the feelings of the protagonist. Thanks to the presence of the porcupine (the totem), we believe that young people of all ages are likely to understand the issues addressed.

Secondly, the action kept us constantly on the edge of our seats and we never knew where the story would lead.

Moreover, the subject of illegal refugees, undocumented migrants, addressed by the film is relevant today. It is a film that will stay with us.

Finally, TOTEM offers an atypical approach, mixing fantasy and reality to tackle an important subject.

It was really an honour and a pleasure for us to be part of the school jury.

The students of the 6th grade CI03 and their teachers Carolina Franco and Danielle Hoffelt”


  • Youth Jury Award by Kinepolis

Made up of young cinema enthusiasts aged 16 and above, the Youth Jury is tasked with viewing and analysing a selection of Festival films taken from different strands. Participants are given the opportunity to meet professionals from the audiovisual world during 11 days of festivities. Following its deliberations, the Youth Jury will select the winner of the “Youth Jury Award – by Kinepolis”, which will be handed out during the Awards Night on 11th March at Kinepolis Kirchberg. The goal is to empower these young talents by encouraging them to develop their appreciation of film, as well as their creativity and analytical spirit.

Class 3 A Media of the Lycée Robert-Schuman

 The seven students of the 3rd A class, MEDIA at the LYCEE ROBERT SCHUMAN (Anna, Claudia, Sofia, Elia, Gabriela, Leini and Nelda) and their teacher Luc Wildanger awarded the Youth Jury Prize to Houman Seyyedi’s WORLD WAR III. It is endowed with a prize of €2,000.

The Jury Jeune said:

“We, the Jury Jeune, are very honored to have the privilege to be part of the 13th edition of the LuxFilmFestival. It’s been an unforgettable journey. Thanks to the organisers and especially our teacher Wildanger for making it possible. We had the chance to get a glimpse of the cinema world by watching both documentary and fiction films. What’s more, we got an insight into different problematics and cultures from all around the world.

Before announcing our winner, we would like to congratulate every movie especially « We,Students », the debut film of Rafiki Fariala. We encourage you to go see this documentary.

However, there was one movie that really struck us. This movie managed to impress us with its outstanding contrast between humorous moments and dramatic topics. Shakib’s moving story touched our hearts, which gets reinforced by the impressive cinematography.

We, the Jury Jeune of Luxembourg City Film Festival 2023 would like to award the prize to « WorldWar III » an iranian Thriller-Drama Film by Houman Seyyedi.

Congratulations to the winner and thank you again for this wonderful experience!”