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  • The Kids Jury

The Kids’ Jury is made up of a class of children aged between 7 and 11 from Luxembourg. The KIDS JURY AWARD is given to a work of fiction or documentary chosen from a competition of five films suitable for this age group.

In 2024, pupils from the cycle 3.1 class at the fundamental school of Cents chose to award the KIDS JURY AWARD to the film THE HOUSE OF THE LOST ON THE CAPE, saying: “We chose this film for its suspense and dramatic quality, which kept us on the edge of our seats right to the end. The graphic quality of this Japanese anime was particularly appreciated. The storytelling of this film, which touches on many crucial subjects, as well as the power and place of music, were decisive for us.”

  • The School Jury

The School Jury is made up of a class of Luxembourg high school students aged between 12 and 15. The SCHOOL JURY AWARD ist given to a work of fiction or a documentary chosen from a competition of five films suitable for this age group.

The 6e CL3 class at the Nic Biever high-school in Dudelange has decided this year to award the SCHOOL JURY AWARD to the film SCRAPPER by Charlotte Regan. Their statement: “The film aptly conveys a little girl’s emotions to the audience, thanks to well-chosen staging, the play on colors and the music that underscores the different atmospheres. The film sends a powerful message to the audience: don’t rely on your own prejudices, and persevere. We admired the courage and resourcefulness of the main character (Georgie), despite poverty. It’s a beautiful love story, sometimes a little sad and often funny.”

  • Youth Jury Award by Kinepolis

Composed of young film passionate aged 16 and over, the Youth Jury 2024 is called to view and analyse a selection of films in various categories. The Young Jury will work alongside the members of the international jury and – following its deliberations – will award the “Youth Jury Award – by Kinepolis” at the awards ceremony at Kinepolis Kirchberg.

The 7 students in the 3rd A, MEDIA class at the Robert Schuman high-school (Angeliki, Elia, Elina, Kati, Kayla, Kayra, Lena) and their teacher Luc Wildanger awarded the YOUTH JURY AWARD to 5 SEASONS OF REVOLUTION by Lina. The prize is €2,000. Their statement: “A rare experience without any taboos and a massive reality-check. Witnessing the atrocious situation through the director’s eyes was really astounding. Her bravery and grace made the film worthwhile. […] Congratulations to Lina and everyone involved in making this film. All Syrians are one!”

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