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Hug me - The Movie

Anna Błaszczyk
5-12 Animation 2022 73 min Polen, China
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Teddy and Papa Bear embark on an adventure to the legendary Golden Land in search of never-ending honey.

It’s the birthday of a little bear cub named Teddy, and Papa Bear wants him to have the perfect cake. But when the honey runs out, Teddy asks Papa to journey with him outside of the forest and into the Golden Land where, as rumor has it, there is an endless source of honey. Papa sets aside his cautious nature and agrees to join, and together they start off on an adventure full of surprises.

Hug Me – The Movie is a heartwarming tale about gaining confidence and learning to trust others. Based on the beloved children’s series Hug Me, fans are sure to delight in seeing the bear duo take on new adventures—and the human world—in the same delightful animation style.


Accessible from 5 years and more


  • Jakub Wieczorek
  • Iwo Rajski
  • Robin May


  • Emilia Dziubak
  • Emilia Nedzi
  • Aleksandra Swierk
  • based on the book Hug Me Please!
  • by Przemysław Wechterowicz


  • Łukasz Targosz


  • Animoon


Donnerstag 29 Februar 2024 08:45
Lieux : Ciné Utopia
Audio : Englisch
Untertitel :
Screening : School Screening
Dienstag 05 März 2024 09:00
Lieux : Cinémathèque
Audio : Französisch
Untertitel :
Screening : School Screening
Sonntag 10 März 2024 14:30
Lieux : Cinémathèque
Audio : Französisch
Untertitel :
Screening : Public Screening

Anna Błaszczyk

Anna Błaszczyk
Anna Błaszczyk

Based in Warsaw, Anna Blaszczyk is a Polish director, writer, illustrator, and animation artist known for her work on children’s animated films. She is a graduate of the Polish National Film School in Lodz, as well as the Konrad Wolf Film University of Babelsberg in Germany. Hug Me – The Movie is her debut feature.


  • Hug Me - The Movie 2022
  • Przytul mnie (TV Series) 2017
  • Trzej królowie (short) 2014
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