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Lord of the Ants (Il Signore Delle Formiche)

Gianni Amelio
Künstlerische Kollaborationen LGBTQIA+ Menschenrechte & Gesellschaft 2022 134 min Italien
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A shameful trial

In 1964 Italian poet, playwright, director and myrmecologist (ant expert) Aldo Braibanti is accused by the family of his 23-year-old companion of “plagiarism of the mind”, a medieval concept they used to challenge homosexuality, which was not actually illegal. The family also kidnap Aldo and commit him to a psychiatric hospital. The case and subsequent trial of Braibanti are taken up by a committed journalist, who wants to get at the truth and fight against the outdate law and censorship from his own editor.


  • Luigi Lo Cascio
  • Elio Germano
  • Sara Serraiocco
  • Leonardo Maltese
  • Anna Caterina Antonacci


  • Gianni Amelio
  • Edoardo Petti
  • Federico Fava


  • Luan Amelio Ujkaj


  • Emanuele Cicconi
  • Alberto Bernardi
  • Malcolm Carbonetti
  • Andrea Colaiacomo
  • Stefano Marino


  • Kavac Film
  • IBC Movie
  • Tenderstories
  • Rai Cinema


Samstag 11 März 2023 18:30
Lieux : Ciné Utopia
Audio : Italienisch
Untertitel : Englisch
Screening : Public Screening

Gianni Amelio

Gianni Amelio


  • Il signore delle formiche 2022
  • Hammamet 2020
  • Passatempo (short) 2019
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Weitere Filme