Collaboration avec le CID | Fraen an Gender

Invisible Nation, a feminist documentary

CID | Fraen an Gender is a feminist library in the heart of Luxembourg with over 32.000 books, CDs, magazines and scores. It covers topics ranging from intersectional gender research and feminist theory; women in art and music; STEM and politics; the female body, health, and sexuality; novels and empowering children and youth literature.

Furthermore, a core mission of CID’s work is to develop educational, cultural, and socio-political projects for gender and feminism-related topics.

For this year’s collaboration with the Luxembourg City Film Festival, we have chosen ‘Invisible Nation’, which ‘tells a powerfully feminist and female driven story of why democracy, free speech, human rights, truth and reconciliation matter against the backdrop of our increasingly authoritarian and militaristic world.’ This film enables us to explore the importance of meaningful participation of female peacekeepers in both conflict prevention and conflict resolution.

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