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Hauke Wendler
Künstlerische Kollaborationen Dokumentarfilme Menschenrechte & Gesellschaft 2021 90 min Deutschland
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The chair that conquered the world

Monobloc tells the story of the best-selling piece of furniture of all time. Estimates claim there are a billion of these cheap plastic chairs in use all over the world. This unassuming chair threatens our environment and good taste but is indispensable for millions of people to whom a chair is a chair and nothing more. This is the tale of an object viewed through a critical eye on globalisation – a story that spans functionality and beauty, capitalism and sharing, consumption and recycling.With a quirky tone and stylised photography, Hauke Wendler manages to make a seemingly banal subject quite exciting. A world tour that looks at the sometimes crucial utility of an everyday object.

In collaboration with Design Friends


  • Camillo Proserpio, Carlo Proserpio, Luca Proserpio, Serafino Proserpio, Henry Massonet, Heng Zhi, Jochen Eisenbrand


  • Hauke Wendler


  • Boris Mahlau


  • Patrick Benze
  • Julian Kraetzig


  • Taco van Hettinga


  • PIER 53 Filmproduktion


Dienstag 07 März 2023 19:00
Lieux : Ciné Utopia
Audio : Deutsch
Untertitel : Englisch
Screening : Public Screening

Hauke Wendler

Hauke Wendler
Hauke Wendler

Hamburg resident Hauke Wendler is a documentary filmmaker, journalist and executive producer. university studies in political science in Hamburg and London, he worked for 12 years for the NDR television. In 2006 he founded the firm PIER 53 Filmproduktion together with Carsten Rau.


  • Monobloc 2021
  • Deportation Class 2016
  • Willkommen auf Deutsch / A Very German Welcome 2014
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Weitere Filme