Jean-Pierre Thilges

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Cinephile, journalist, film critic, subtitler, quadrilingual translator; member of ALPC (affiliated to FIPRESCI)

He has been haunting cinemas since April 1958 (first film: “Les Jambes de Dolores” by Geza von Cziffra) and international festivals since May 1980 (first film seen at Cannes: “Fantastica” by Gilles Carle).

Passionate collector of physical cinema (14,000 films). Co-founder of the Utopia Group, which built the Utopia and Utopolis cinemas in Luxembourg.

First articles published in the Tageblatt in 1972/73.

Regular contributor over the years: Tageblatt, Revue, Lëtzebuerger Land, Le Jeudi, Le Quotidien, RTL Radio, RTL Online, Lëtzebuerger Land, Den Neie Feierkrop, Utopia Graffiti, Lëtzebuerger Almanach, Variety Magazine, International Film Guide, Europa Cinema catalogues.

Recent publications: The Hatari Papers (blog on WordPress and Facebook), Le Mur des Étoiles (on Facebook), The JPT Film Collection (on Facebook).

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