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Lukas Grevis (1998, Esch-sur-Alzette) is a writer & director from Luxembourg.
His focus lies on narrative films and music videos. He started working on film-sets in high school and also directing first funded short films (The Song of the Shells, Feierblumm Produtions). His student films Dream Dancer (2019) and Two Figures at a River (2020), which he created during his studies at the Sarajevo Film Academy were both selected at the Sarajevo Film Festival. He since directed multiple short films (One Day Longer / Greece / 2020, Defining Leift / Lux. / 2020) and directed numerous music videos for Luxembourgish singers/bands (LeVibe / 2020 – 2021, Hannah Ida / 2019, Lara Grogan / 2022). The first season of his anthology series The Inside of the Outsider is currently being released. A second season is already scheduled for production in February 2023.


  • The Inside of the Outsider: Season 1 (Web series) 2022
  • LeVibe: One Day / Eudaemonia / Fata (Music Video) 2020
  • Two Figures at a River (short) 2019

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