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Arman & Elisa

Kiyan Agadjani
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Kurz 2022 15 min Luxembourg


Arman (Shayan Arendt) is an 11-year-old Iranian boy who moves to Luxembourg with his family and is confronted with the difficulties of being an immigrant child. On his first day of school, he meets the Luxembourgish girl Elisa (Elise Krieps) who is subject to bullying and with whom he has no language in common. Using food, music, language and their inherent curiosity to their advantage, the two children grow beyond the language barrier and form a true friendship. However, just as they get closer, a big misunderstanding threatens to drive them apart.


  • Shayan Arendt
  • Elise Krieps
  • Yalda Rahmanian
  • Shayan Mehr
  • Claudine Ury
  • Renelde Pierlot
  • Magaly Teixeira
  • Roxanne Peguet
  • Jérôme Funk
  • Nora Koenig


  • Kiyan Agadjani


  • Anselm Havu


  • Arnaud Mellet
  • Vincent Habay

Kiyan Agadjani

Kiyan Agadjani
Kiyan Agadjani

Born in Luxembourg to Iranian parents, Kiyan Agadjani grew up surrounded by both music and the visual arts. He made his start in the arts with classical piano and solfeggio classes at the Conservatoire de Musique Esch, which he frequented throughout most of his youth. However soon his love for cinema would take over, which was solidified by the time he was part of the international jury of the Giornate Degli Autori during the 73rd Venice Film Festival in 2016. He moved to the UK in 2018, where he studied filmmaking at the University of Kent. After working on various projects in Luxembourg and the UK, Kiyan wrote and directed George Barton, a short film about adult illiteracy in the UK which went on to be nominated and awarded in festivals internationally.

In 2021, Kiyan returned to Luxembourg where he works as writer-director, assistant director and production manager in the Luxembourgish film industry. In 2022, he received funding from the Film Fund Luxembourg and made his most personal project to date – Arman and Elisa. Kiyan is committed to continue telling the stories that matter to him – the little stories of society for the big screens of cinema.

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