VR Pavillon


Ilan J.Cohen | Marion Burger
2023 40 France, Germany


EMPEROR is an interactive and narrative experience in virtual reality that invites users to travel inside the brain of a father suffering from aphasia.

Participants journey into his mental landscape alongside his daughter—imagined as a hand-drawn, monochrome landscape. Together, they seek to learn more about her father’s inner self, now obscured by his illness.

This film contains visual effects that might trigger seizures for viewers with photosensitive epilepsy

Languages: French, English, German


  • Marion Burger, Ilan J.Cohen


  • Oriane Hurard - Atlas V
  • Reynard Films (Katharina Weser)
  • France Télévisions (Jeanne Marchalot)

Ilan J.Cohen

Ilan J.Cohen

Marion Burger

Marion Burger

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