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Fuel Stop

Jiyun Jeong
Animation Animation Kurz 3 min Luxemburg


Two friends run out of fuel during a road trip in deep-space. A visit to a time-twisting fuel station becomes a test of their friendship.

Fuel Stop is about two friends stuck in an abstract planet where the past and the present co-exist. There is a sense of isolation and unease felt throughout the story, one that is not so different from our own experience of stopping in an unfamiliar gas station at night. Let the story of these unfortunate astronauts help you ponder your own fear of loneliness.
Was der/die Regisseur/in sagt - Jiyun Jeong


  • Jiyun Jeong


  • Telmo Gomes


  • Kevin McCray

Jiyun Jeong

Jiyun Jeong
Jiyun Jeong

Jiyun is a South Korean/New Zealander filmmaker and animator who is a recent graduate from the Bachelor in Animation at the University of Luxembourg. Jiyun is currently working as a 3D animator in Luxembourg while building her body of work as a director.

Jiyun has previously won awards at the International Youth Silent Film Festivals with live-action short films:
Tonight (2017) – 1st place & Best Director Award
The Other Side of the Mirror (2016) – 2nd Place Award

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