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When Evil Lurks (Cuando Acecha la Maldad)

Demián Rugna
Künstlerische Kollaborationen 2023 99 min Argentinien
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Argentinian terrors

In a remote village, two brothers find a mutilated corpse near their property. They are told that the strange things happening in their village are due to a demon spirit that has settled in the purulent body of that man. The evil from which he suffers soon spreads like an epidemic, affecting other inhabitants of the region.

Demián Rugna, the bad boy of current horror cinema, uses a deliciously anxiety-inducing direction to give this family drama remarkable scope, summoning up the real demons of a country in crisis.


  • Ezequiel Rodríguez
  • Demián Salomón
  • Silvina Sabater


  • Demián Rugna


  • Mariano Suarez


  • Pablo Isola


  • Pablo Fuu


  • Aramos Cine
  • Machaco Film
  • Shudder


Samstag 09 März 2024 22:00
Lieux : Cinémathèque
Audio : Spanisch
Untertitel : Englisch
Screening : Public Screening


« Bien plus qu’un film cru, When evil Lurks renouvelle les codes du genre en profondeur en prenant acte de l’état de notre époque, ses rêves et ses faillites. »
KillerSe7ven 20/10/2023

Demián Rugna

Demián Rugna
Demián Rugna

: Born in 1979 in Haedo, Argentina, Demián Rugna starts his career with short horror films and screenplays. He then moved on to feature films with La última entrada (2003). His fourth film, Terrified (2017), won numerous awards and became the highest-grossing horror film in Argentina. He recently contributed to an anthology entitled Satanic Hispanics (2022). When Evil Lurks is his fifth feature film.


  • When Evil Lurks 2023
  • Satanic Hispanics 2022
  • Terrified 2017
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