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Lost Transport

Saskia Diesing
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Politik & Krieg Regisseurin Menschenrechte & Gesellschaft 2022 100 min Niederlande, Luxemburg, Deutschland
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Female friendship forged at war

In the spring of 1945, towards the end of WWII, a train deporting hundreds of Jewish prisoners is abandoned near a small German village occupied by the Russian Red Army. Forced to spend time together in unusual circumstances, and despite a deep-seated feeling of mistrust, an unexpected friendship emerges between Russian sniper Vera, villager Winnie and Jewish-Dutch woman Simone as they overcome their differences in order to survive.


  • Hanna van Vliet
  • Anna Bachmann
  • Eugénie Anselin
  • Bram Suijker
  • Konstantin Frolov


  • Saskia Diesing


  • Aage Hollander


  • Marco Vermaas


  • Paul Eisenach
  • Jonas Hofer


  • Amour Fou Luxembourg
  • Coin Film
  • Key Film
  • NTR


Freitag 10 März 2023 21:15
Talent présent  •  
Lieux : Ciné Utopia
Audio : Deutsch, Niederländisch, Russisch
Untertitel : Französisch, Englisch
Screening : Public Screening

Saskia Diesing

Saskia Diesing
Saskia Diesing

Saskia Diesing was born in 1972 and lived in Germany before moving to the Netherlands at the age of 8. After graduating as a filmmaker from School of the Arts Utrecht (HKU) she worked at the Dutch broadcaster VPRO. Her first feature film, Nena, won several awards, including the Golden Calf for best actress and best director at the 2015 Nederlands Film Festival. She has been a senior lecturer in both writing and directing for film at HKU since 2004.


  • Lost Transport 2022
  • Affaire sensible 2021
  • Dorst 2018
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