Made in/With Luxembourg


Roxanne Peguet
Kurz 23 min Luxemburg


In the near future, an app called PHOENIX allows its users to be in contact with their deceased loved ones. An escape for some, but a prison for others.

PHOENIX is a film about questionable technology in the near future, but above all about friendship and forgiveness and how far one would go to protect themselves while hurting their best friends.
Was der/die Regisseur/in sagt - Roxanne Peguet


  • Magaly Teixeira
  • Jules Waringo
  • Sophie Mousel
  • Philippe Meyrer
  • Thomas Faber
  • Alessia Raschellà


  • Roxanne Peguet
  • Kiyan Agadjani


  • Anselm Havu


  • Gabriel Ohresser
  • Ken Rischard

Roxanne Peguet

Roxanne Peguet
Roxanne Peguet

PHOENIX is Roxanne Peguet’s third short film after PHOENIX+ (Lost Weekend 48h Film Challenge 2022 Jury Award Winner) and NUCLEAIRE (2022) which also had its world premiere at Luxembourg City Film Festival in 2022.
After years of working in the film industry as an Assistant Director, Casting Director or Production Coordinator, Roxanne Peguet worked for 2 years in a marketing agency while directing ads for numerous local ministries and companies.

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