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The Delinquents (Los Delincuentes)

Rodrigo Moreno
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Crime & Thriller 2023 190 min Argentinien, Luxemburg, Chile, Brasilien
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A playful take on the heist genre that meditates on life under capitalism.

In Buenos Aires, the disillusioned bank officer Morán steals just enough money for a modest retirement so that he can forgot the rat race and spend his days reading poetry and farming in the Argentinian countryside. He reveals his scheme to a colleague, Román, explaining that he will turn himself in for the theft and asks Román to guard the money during his incarceration. Román agrees but soon faces investigative pressure from the bank, leading both men on a transformative quest for personal freedom.

A playful take on the heist genre which questions the nature and purpose of work. With its subversive narrative structure and skillful balance of comedy and drama, The Delinquents offers a clever meditation on the constraints of life under capitalism.


  • Daniel Elías
  • Esteban Bigliardi
  • Margarita Molfino


  •  Rodrigo Moreno 


  • Alejo Maglio
  • Ines Duacastella


  • Pablo Bahamondez
  • Roberto Espinoza
  • Santiago Fumagalli
  • Marcos Lopes
  • Javiera Palominos


  • Lucas Page


  • Les Films Fauves
  • Wanka Cine
  • Sancho&Punta
  • Jirafa Films
  • Jaque Productora
  • Rizoma Films


Samstag 02 März 2024 18:00
Lieux : Ciné Utopia
Audio : Spanisch
Untertitel : Englisch
Screening : Public Screening


« Une ode à la désobéissance assez jubilatoire.»
Bruno Deruisseau Les inrockuptibles 20/05/2023

Rodrigo Moreno

Rodrigo Moreno
Rodrigo Moreno

Born 1972 into a family of actors, Rodrigo Moreno is an Argentine writer and director. He studied film at Buenos Aires’ Universidad del Cine, receiving acclaim for early films including Bad Times (1998) and El Decanso (2002). Moreno’s first solo feature-length film, The Minder (2006), received over 30 awards and brought him to international attention. Considered part of the “New Argentine cinema” wave, Moreno is known for challenging the conventions of narrative.


  • The Delinquents 2023
  • Una ciudad de provincial 2017
  • Reimon 2014
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