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The Land in the Shadows (D'Land am Schiet)

Lukas Grevis
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Erster Spielfilm Menschenrechte & Gesellschaft 2023 73 min Luxemburg
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A stunning plea against radicalisation.

In a small village in Luxembourg, a coffee shop employee and her new partner are trying to set up a cultural centre for refugees. One day, the village mascot, a wild dog, is shot dead on the edge of the forest. This event creates a division among the residents, not to mention the mayor, who displays a genuine xenophobia.

In this first film, which brings together a host of characters, Lukas Grevis succeeds in portraying the rise of extremism in Europe and the efforts, sometimes completely stifled, to fight it. An uncompromising look at a terrifying reality, and an excellent educational tool for the younger generation.

Final Version of the Project available Midd December. When we thought about a film series on the subject of radicalization together with in 2020,was one of our first demands that the topic be comprehensiblenarrative level should work in Luxembourg. That we shouldn't write anything eithercould not happen to a certain extent in Luxembourg. Two years later, have each otherThe extreme of what can happen in Luxembourg is changing significantly. Violent peopleDemonstrations, death threats, mobs in front of the houses of selected politicians. The brutality andThe speed with which these new trends are organizing is frightening. At the same time you canRealize that it is a broad network of conspiracy theorists and right-wing nationalistsIn Europe there is something that works across national borders. Especially organizing via digital mediaand groups have proliferated, driven by isolation and lockdowns. The film series is supposed to be straightDocument these processes that happen on a national but also international level. It should be clearare made, how they arise, develop further, become radicalized. Like it withinA few years, even months, for the growth of a broad layer of opponents of a democratic ordercould come. In addition to the focus on these dynamics, a world should also be shownwhere this hatred is not necessarily central, where people come together, regardless of skin color,Language or origin, being able to communicate in a democratic order. In addition to the educational workThis is also intended to give hope for a young, new and dynamic EuropeThrough education and dialogue, these tendencies can be evaded and further consolidated - not destroyed.
Was der/die Regisseur/in sagt - Lukas Grevis


  • Max Thommes
  • Marie Jung
  • Pierre Bodry
  • Thomas Roland


  • Lukas Grevis


  • Sven Ulmerich


  • Tom Biren
  • Gabriel Ohresser




Freitag 08 März 2024 16:30
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Lieux : Cinémathèque
Audio : Luxemburgisch, Portugiesisch
Untertitel : Englisch
Screening : Public Screening

Lukas Grevis

Lukas Grevis
Lukas Grevis

His focus lies on narrative films and music videos. He started working on film-sets in high school and also directing first funded short films (The Song of the Shells, Feierblumm Produtions). His student films Dream Dancer (2019) and Two Figures at a River (2020), which he created during his studies at the Sarajevo Film Academy were both selected at the Sarajevo Film Festival. He since directed multiple short films (One Day Longer / Greece / 2020, Defining Leift / Lux. / 2020) and directed numerous music videos for Luxembourgish singers/bands (LeVibe / 2020 – 2021, Hannah Ida / 2019, Lara Grogan / 2022). The first season of his anthology series The Inside of the Outsider is currently being released. A second season is already scheduled for production in February 2023.


  • The Land in the Shadows 2024
  • The Inside of the Outsider (série TV) 2022
  • Defining Leift (short film) 2021
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Weitere Filme