Song of the Sea

Tomm Moore

Ireland, Denmark, Luxembourg, France, Belgium, 2014 / 93 min / Luxembourgish version / Animation

In the presence of the Team Studio 352

On an extraordinary journey, Ben and his sister must unlock the magical secrets of their ancestry in order to find their way home.

Ben and Saoirse live in a lighthouse by the sea with their father. After they are sent to live with their granny in the city to flee the dangers emanating from the sea, Ben eventually finds out that his sister is a Selkie, a pixy of the sea. He realizes that his sister holds the power to unlock the magical secrets of their ancestry and save the oceans. They start a captivating adventure…

The film takes inspiration from the mythological Selkies of Irish folklore, which live as seals before becoming human on land, and takes us into a dreamlike, visually and musically enticing world.

Fri 06/03 09:00 Ciné Utopia LU* Scolaire
Sun 08/03 14:30 Ciné Utopia LU* Public

LU* :  Luxembourgish version. In the presence of the Team Studio 352

"Steeped in moody regional sounds that ache of loss and yearning, the wonderful songs that come wispily up through the aural surface are narratively key to making Song of the Sea such a miraculous success." (Jordan M. Smith,, 16/09/14)

"Song of the Sea' is a timeless delight for all ages."

"A tale that weds absolutely gorgeous artwork with beautifully nuanced characters and a deep but natural rooting in ancient folk tales and magic, Song of the Sea has an assured and timeless quality to it " (Todd Brown, Twitchfilm, 7/09/2014)

  • Prix Spécial du Jury - Festival International des Voix du Cinéma d'Animation, 2014, Port Leucate, France
Cast & Credits
Tomm Moore, William Collins
Felix Davin, Nostradine Benguezzou, Garret Farrell
Bruno Coulais, Kila
Cartoon Saloon (IE), Digital Graphics (BE), Mélusine (LU), Super Productions (FR)
Big Farm (BE), Noerlum Studios (DK)
Studio 352 / Mélusine Production

Tomm Moore was born in Newry, Northern Ireland, and studied animation at Ballyfermot College in Dublin. He co-founded with Paul Young the animation studio Cartoon Saloon and has written, produced, animated and directed short films and commercials. He co-directed the animated feature " The Secret of Kells " in 2009. (



  • Song of the Sea, 2014
  • The Prophet, 2014
  • The Secret of Kells, 2009
  • Backwards Boy (Short), 2004
  • The 3 Wise Men, 2003