Young audience


For over a decade, Luxembourg City Film Festival’s mission has been to offer major cinematographic works to different target audiences and to develop a panorama of international and national contemporary creation.

The project “Cinema as a tool for understanding the world” has the specific objective of providing keys to understanding the world to current and future filmgoers, to make them aware of the social issues that mark our era in order to make them not only observers but also actors.

Programming for young audiences

The selection of films for young audiences, one of the main pillars of the Festival’s cinematographic programming, represents a valuable asset because it trains future film lovers. The objective has always been to offer a festival experience to young audiences, families and schools. That is to say, to offer – beyond the cinematographic experience itself – the added value (previews, new films, introductions to the films, discussions, meetings with the directors…) of a screening programmed during a festival.

The works chosen to develop a specific image education programme represent cinema from around the world and a diversity of film styles. They all deal with current themes that allow for an in-depth pedagogical approach.

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