Pim and Pom: The Big Adventure

Gioia Smid

Netherlands, 2014 / 70 min / Original Dutch version with French dubbing / Animation

in the presence of Gioia Smid and Nicki Onrust (Production assistant)

A charming animated adventure based on the long-running Dutch comic strip Pim & Pom.

The two cats Pim & Pom are best friends who live with their mistress. But one day the lady's nieces Tracy and Stacy come to visit and decide they want to keep the cats for themselves. They come up with a secret plan to kidnap them. However, Pim & Pom manage to escape but then get lost and meet a bunch of stray cats that really put their friendship to the test. Will Pim & Pom find their way back to their beloved owner? Will they be able to stay together?

Thu 26/02 09:00 Cinémathèque FR* Scolaire
Tue 03/03 09:00 Cinémathèque FR* Scolaire

FR* : Original Dutch version with French dubbing

Cast & Credits
Georgina Verbaan, Peter Paul Muller, Tjitske Reidinga
Mies Bouhuys, Tingue Dongelmans, Fiona van Heemstra
Alex Debicki, Joren van der Voort
Pim & Pom
Flinck Film
A Film Belgie, fiepwestendorp

Gioia Smid has kept about a thousand Pim & Pom drawings, made by the Dutch illustrator Fiep Westendorp. 40 years after their creation, she, offers a revival to the popular catsand is proven right by the success of a 52 episode  TV series as well as the feature film “Pim and Pom: The Big Adventure”.

  • Jinek (TV Series), 2014
  • Pim & Pom: Het Grote Avontuur, 2014