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Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain 120 min From 07/03/2024 7:00 pm to 07/03/2024


Openscreen Classic is back!

There is no preselection and exclusion in the programming of the evening. Openscreen provides an open platform to all filmmakers without any limitations. All short films are welcome as soon as they are up to 20 minutes and do not consist of pornographic material or hate speech.

We let the audience decide what they like and why they do it because every piece could have a different interpretation. The viewers judge for themselves.

We care about your subjective view. That is why after every screening we encourage everyone in the room to engage in a conversation and exchange their insights and reflections about what they have just watched.

Good stories matter. Come and share yours!


Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain



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Openscreen a.s.b.l.


Thu 07 Mar 2024 19:00
Lieux : Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain
Audio : Multilingual
Subtitles :
Screening : Public Screening

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