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Cartes Blanches

Auction (Le Tableau volé)

Pascal Bonitzer
Talent présent •  Talent présent •  
Festival Pops 2022 91 min France
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A fantastic investigation into the art world.

One day, André Masson, an auctioneer at the famous Scottie’s auction house, receives a letter claiming that a painting by Egon Schiele has been found in a young worker’s home in Mulhouse. Highly sceptical, he went to the site and was forced to face the facts: the work was authentic, a masterpiece that had been missing since 1939, despoiled by the Nazis. André sees this discovery as the pinnacle of his career, but it is also the start of a battle that could jeopardise it. Fortunately, he is going to be helped by his ex-wife and colleague Bertina, and his whimsical trainee Aurore…


  • Alex Lutz
  • Léa Drucker
  • Alain Chamfort


  • Pascal Bonitzer


  • Pierre Milon


  • Antonin Dalmasso


  • SbS Productions


Thursday 07 March 2024 19:00
Talent présent  •  
Lieux : Ciné Utopia
Audio : French
Subtitles : English
Screening : Public Screening

Pascal Bonitzer

Pascal Bonitzer
Pascal Bonitzer

Pascal Bonitzer is a French film director, screenwriter and writer. Pascal Bonitzer holds a master’s degree in philosophy and began his career as a film critic. In 1995, he directed his first feature film, Encore, which won the Prix Jean Vigo the following year. The main character, a philosophy teacher played by Jackie Berroyer, was to have echoes in his next two films: Rien sur Robert (1999) and Petites coupures (2003). His fifth feature film, Le grand alibi (2008), is an adaptation of a detective novel by Agatha Christie. His next feature was the comedy Cherchez Hortense (2012), followed by the dramas Tout de suite maintenant (2016) and Les Envoûtés (2019).


  • Le Tableau volé 2024
  • Les Envoûtés 2019
  • Tout de suite maintenant 2015
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