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Junta Yamaguchi
Late Night Bizarre by Utopia Outside the Box 2023 86 min Japan
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A lighthearted and playful twist on the time-loop concept.

On a winter’s day in an idyllic mountain village, the staff and guests at a traditional inn become stuck in a two-minute time loop. When they discover that their memories of each loop remain, and that the loop is confined to their small geographic area, the quirky ragtag bunch try to work together in two-minute intervals to find a solution.

River is an endearing sci-fi comedy that maintains its light-footed charm across the arguments, chase sequences, and romantic confessions provoked by the time loop. With its quick pacing, infectious optimism, and surprising finale, the film will resonate with anyone who has wished for time to stop.


Accessible from 16 and over


  • Riko Fujitani
  • Shiori Kubo
  • Yuki Torigoe


  • Makoto Ueda


  • Kazunari Kawagoe


  • Koko Hirakawa
  • Masaya Kuranuki


  • Europe Kikaku
  • Tollywood


Monday 04 March 2024 21:00
Lieux : Ciné Utopia
Audio : Japanese
Subtitles : English
Screening : Public Screening


Junta Yamaguchi

Junta Yamaguchi
Junta Yamaguchi

Born 1987 in Osaka, Junta Yamaguchi has directed films, dramas, commercials, and documentaries. His debut feature-length film, Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes, premiered in 2020 and was selected for South Korea’s Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival in 2021. River is his second film.


  • River 2023
  • Aitsu ga kamite de shimote ga boku de (TV series) 2021-20223
  • 36,000 Seconds in a Day (TV series) 2022
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