Made in/With Luxembourg

Shorts Made in/With Luxembourg #2

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Short Films Luxembourg


During the second shorts night, you’ll be able to watch:

  • Phoenix by Roxanne Peguet
  • Alabaster by Ganaël Dumreicher
  • Arman & Elisa by Kiyan Agadjani
  • Resignation by Christel Henon, Véronique Mériadec
  • La Dînette by Léa Oblinski
  • The Inside of the outsider : Carlo by Luka Grevis
  • Fuel Stop by Jiyun Jeong
  • De Leschte Pobeier by Romain Gierenz
  • Revisited by Geneviève Mersch
  • Fishy by Baptiste Ménage
  • The Red Suitcase / La Valise Rouge by Cyrus Neshvad

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