Official Selection - Out of Competition
Official Selection - Out of Competition


Koen Mortier
Human Rights & Society 2023 105 min Belgium
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A troubled soul confronts its demons.

SKUNK tells the story of Liam, a boy who grew up with lowlife, sex, alcohol and drug addicted parents, in a house where the basement served as his bedroom. He grew up to be a confused boy with an extremely violent western movie as the inspiration of his obsession; the scalping of small animals.

SKUNK is a story based on the book SKUNK by child psychiatrist Geert Taghon. This book and the film are based on real crimes children and youngsters have committed.


  • Natali Broods
  • Boris Van Severen
  • Janne Desmet
  • Thibaud Dooms


  •  Koen Mortier based on the book "Skunk" by Geert Taghon 


  • Nicolas Karakatsanis


  • Oliver Pattinama


  • Czar Film
  • Baldr Film


Tuesday 05 March 2024 21:00
Lieux : Ciné Utopia
Audio : English,Dutch
Subtitles : English
Screening : Public Screening

Koen Mortier

Koen Mortier
Koen Mortier

After completing his film studies at the Royal Institute of Theatre, Cinema and Sound in Brussels, Koen Mortier made several short films and music videos. Koen has directed two feature films: Ex Drummer and 22nd of May. Both were selected for international festivals and won several prizes. His third feature Un Ange (based on a novel by Dimitri Verhulst) was selected for Toronto International Film Festival. Skunk is his third feature film.


  • Skunk 2023
  • Angel 2018
  • 22nd of May 2010
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