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Songs Within (Jakobs Ross)

Katalin Gödrös
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Female Director 2023 105 min Switzerland, Luxembourg
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A visually stunning period drama about determination in the face of adversity.

While working as a maid for a wealthy mercantilist, talented singer Elsie dreams of becoming a professional musician. After falling pregnant with the older man’s child against her will, she is forced into marriage with an aloof stable boy, Jakob. They move together to a derelict farmhouse in a remote village. While Jakob aspires to own a steed and improve his social position, Elsie clings quietly to her passion for music—until a stranger arrives, changing their fates forever.Unfolding primarily within the Alpine wilderness, Jakobs Ross is a visually stunning period drama where rural superstition and violence abound in a sublime, unforgiving environment.

Luna Welder’s hypnotic performance as the determined Elsie reminds us that we must never give up on our dreams.


  • Luna Wedler
  • Valentin Postlmayr
  • Eugénie Anselin
  • Luc Feit
  • Marie Jung
  • Max Hubacher


  •  Urs Buehler
  • Ulrike Maria Hund
  • based on the novel Jakobs Ross by Silvia Tschui 


  • Sebastian Edschmid


  • Yves Bemelmans


  • Balz Bachmann


  • Turnus Film
  • Amour Fou Luxembourg
  • Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF)
  • Arte G.E.I.E.
  • Ascot Elite Entertainment Group


Saturday 02 March 2024 16:00
Lieux : Ciné Utopia
Audio : Swiss German
Subtitles : English, French
Screening : Public Screening

Katalin Gödrös

Katalin Gödrös
Katalin Gödrös

Born in Zurich, director and screenwriter Katalin Gödrös graduated from the Budapest Film Academy in 1996. Her directorial debut Mutanten premiered at the Berlinale in 2002, and Songs of Love and Hate (2010) screened at the international competition in Locarno. She has worked on the Swiss national TV and Netflix series The Undertaker, and since 2021 has been a professor at Cologne’s International Filmschule.


  • Jakobs Ross 2024
  • Amen Saleikum (TV movie) 2020
  • Tatort (TV series) 2019
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