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Inrasothythep Neth | Sokyou Chea
Late Night Bizarre by Utopia Female Director 2024 88 min Cambodia
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A genre-defying Cambodian thriller.

After her mother dies, the Japanese-Cambodian manga artist Sorya travels to Cambodia to learn about the country that her mother fled. She reunites with lost family and moves into her mother’s old apartment. But darkness lies beneath the surface, and what at first appears to be a warm welcome from her new family is part of a sinister ritual: the residents must prepare a new host for an evil spirit—before it starts killing them.

An innovative thriller that transcends genre, Tenement brings a supernatural and psychological twist to a story about family and identity.


Accessible from 16 and over


  • Thanet Thorn
  • Sveng Socheata
  • Yoshihiko Hosoda 


  • Inrasothythep Neth
  • Sokyou Chea


  • Jeremiah Overman


  • Vincent Villa


  • Jean-Charles Bastion


  • Kongchak Pictures
  • Spanic Films


Tuesday 05 March 2024 20:30
Lieux : Ciné Utopia
Audio : Khmer,Japanese,English
Subtitles : English
Screening : Public Screening

Inrasothythep Neth

Inrasothythep Neth
Inrasothythep Neth

Inrasothythep Neth is a Cambodian writer, director, and producer. His first short, The Dinner (2016), won Best Film at the Chaktomuk Short Film Festival in Phnom Penh. Before the Rain (2019), his second short film, won Best Film and the Audience Choice Award, also at Chaktomuk. Tenement is his debut feature


  • Tenement (co-directed with Sokyou Chea) 2023
  • Before the Rain (short) 2019
  • The Dinner (short) 2016
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Sokyou Chea

Sokyou Chea
Sokyou Chea

Sokyou Chea is a Cambodian writer and director. Born in Cambodia she studied physics at the University of Manchester before returning to her home country to teach science. ,She won the Bucheon Award at NAFF for the screenplay of Soul Searching (2018).
Tenement is her first feature film.


  • Tenement (co-directed with Inrasothythep Neth) 2023
  • Soul Searching 2018
  • The Ride (short) 2015
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