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The Hypnosis (Hypnosen)

Ernst De Geer
Festival Pops 2023 98 min Sweden, Norway, France
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A liberating social satire.

André and Vera are a young entrepreneurial couple. They get the opportunity to pitch their app at a prestigious seminar designed to attract investors. Before going there, Vera tries hypnotherapy to quit smoking. From this point, her attitude suddenly changes, leaving André baffled.This bitter story takes a meticulous look at the mechanisms of appearance, the limits of love and the processes of social reproduction.

Norwegian actor Herbert Nordrum delivers a remarkable performance, accurately conveying the deep sense of embarrassment inherent in the prevailing social codes.


  • Asta Kamma AUGUST
  • Herbert NORDRUM, Andrea Edwards…


  • Ernst De Geer
  • Mads Stegger


  • Jonathan Bjerstedt


  • Håkon Lammetun
  • Matias Frøystad


  • Peder Kjellsby


  • Garagefilm International AB
  • Mer Film
  • Film i Väst
  • Totem Films
  • Mimmi SPÅNG


Sunday 03 March 2024 16:00
Lieux : Cinémathèque
Audio : Swedish, Norwegian, English
Subtitles : English
Screening : Public Screening
Saturday 09 March 2024 18:30
Lieux : Ciné Utopia
Audio : Swedish, Norwegian, French
Subtitles : English
Screening : Public Screening


“For its narrative lightness and its ability to make the viewer laugh sincerely in a series of well-constructed absurd situations and surprise them with unexpected twists, The Hypnosis does very well.”
Jana Bébarová Fipresci 20/08/2023

Ernst De Geer

Ernst De Geer
Ernst De Geer

Born in 1989, Ernst De Geer is a Swedish director working in Stockholm and Oslo. He studied playwriting at Biskops Arnö and graduated from The Norwegian Film School. His graduation film, Kulturen, won several awards around the world and was nominated for the Norwegian National Film Prize. Hypnosen is his first feature film.


  • Hypnosen 2023
  • Nach (série TV) 2021
  • Wimbledon (court-métrage) 2019
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