New label - Late Night Bizarre by Kinepolis

The best of the genre

Genre films continue to be increasingly popular but remain a hidden niche for many festivals that offer a panorama programme. This year Luxembourg City Film Festival has created a new label, Late Night Bizarre by Kinepolis.

Late Night Bizarre by Kinepolis will highlight films that do not necessarily horror fall into the horror genre but that do contain elements of the surreal, the fantastic, the supernatural and the downright weird.

The films selected for this new section come from the Far East, western Europe, Scandinavia and even includes one Luxembourg co-production with Belgium. They feature a shy woman whose new job leads her to grows a horse tail, a vengeful sister reliving the same day with fresh horror, a jealous partner who makes herself sick to take attention away from her successful boyfriend, an adult son who struggles to break free of his overbearing mother, and a family with a secret craving for human flesh.

This label is made up of 5 films, including a co-production between Luxembourg and Belgium:

  • Wolfkin (Kommunioun), by Jacques Molitor
  • Stone Turtle, by Woo Ming Jin
  • La Pietà (La Piedad), by Eduardo Casanova
  • Piaffe, by Ann Oren
  • Sick of Myself (Syk Pike), by Kristoffer Borgli

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