Luxembourg City Film Festival would like to facilitate access to documents and useful information about the Festival for journalists.
This page contains 

  • access to information about conferences, interview opportunities, links to the Festival's press kit and details of the films (synopses, visuals, trailers, etc.),
  • registration via the accreditation form, 
  • the programme with the press screenings (online in February 2020).


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Accreditation Regulations

Accreditations are reserved for journalists and photographers who are covering the Festival.



  • The accreditation must be validated by the Luxembourg City Film Festival.
  • The accreditation is strictly personal.
  • The accreditation grants access to the press screenings organised by the Festival (cf. Festival programme – available in the days following the press conference).
  • The accreditation grants the right to withdraw free tickets for screenings (excluding special events) organised by the Luxembourg City Film Festival, taking place from 5th to 15th March 2020, within the limits of available seats.
  • You will be asked for your accreditation at the box office (other professional cards are not valid).
  • The accreditation does not exempt from collecting a free entrance ticket. Tickets can be withdrawn 48 hours before each screening.
  • If you cannot make it to a screening for which you have a ticket, please inform us via so as to allow us to release it for sale.
  • The Festival reserves the right to cancel the accreditation and block the client account in case of abuse by the client (e.g. withdrawal of tickets without actual presence at the screenings).


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