Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions

This website is edited by the Luxembourg City Film Festival
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Intellectual property
The website, its elements and services are protected by the laws on intellectual property, particularly copyright laws, as well as corporate and brand laws.
Unless otherwise specified, Luxembourg City Film Festival does not grant licence or authorisation relating to the intellectual property rights present on the website, its elements or services, and no reproduction of these services, total or partial, is permitted under any form and by no means without explicit written prior authorisation by the Luxembourg City Film Festival.

Unless otherwise specified on any other part of the websote, you are allowed to consult, download and print the available documents and information provided that the documents and information are not modified in any way or form.
The rights granted to you above constitute an authorisation of use and in no case a transfer of rights, of property or other, relating to the website. Moreover, this licence of use is not aimed at the website’s layout.

Potential personal data on your or on your company or association (the “Data”) are treated conforming to the law of the 2nd August 2002 on the protection of people regarding the processing of personal data, and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union (Directive 95/46/EC) that came into effect on 25th May 2018. You can consult your rights with regards to the processing of personal data here.
When using certain services of the website, you might be asked to communicate certain Data to us – such as your name, postal address, e-mail address, country and municipality of residence, as well as Data on your company or association – via forms specifically designed for this purpose.
Luxembourg City Film Festival does not collect sensitive Data such as data on ethnical background, political opinion, religious belief or other convictions, as well as data relating to health, sexuality or criminal sentences, except if explicit consent is given by the concerned people.
Luxembourg City Film Festival takes all reasonable precautions to assure Data security. However, it can’t remove all the risks tied to the use of the internet. Thus, during the communication of Data, you are aware that other internet users could potentially manage to intercept and visualise your Data.
To send its newsletter, the Luxembourg City Film Festival uses the American e-mailing service MailChimp which stores all of the e-mail addresses and other provided data of subscribers on servers in the United States of America, outside of the European Union. Luxembourg City Film Festival is only using this data to directly contact subscribers via e-mail to provide them with the latest Festival news and updates. By subscribing to the newsletter, you accept the MailChimp terms and conditions and the service’s treatment of your data. Subscribers can cancel their subscription of the Luxembourg City Film Festival newsletter at any time by clicking the unsubscription link at the bottom of each sent newsletter or by contacting the Festival via info@luxfilmfest.lu.

Luxembourg City Film Festival works with Kinepolis for its ticketing services. Any and all transactions and customer data saved during the purchase of Festival tickets and/or passes are processed and stored on the Kinepolis servers. These transactions are subject to the terms and conditions of Kinepolis.

The Luxembourg City Film Festival also uses the Eventival service to send out its newsletter and to manage the data necessary for the organization of the Festival. For more information about Eventival‘s data management and privacy policy. Please see the following page.

In accordance with the law, you have the right to oppose any processing of Data directly affecting you. To use this right, you have the ability to contact Luxembourg City Film Festival by e-mail via info@luxfilmfest.lu

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, a tool to analyse website traffic by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics used so-called Cookies, text files that are saved on your computer to allow an analysis of your use of the website. The information on your use of this website compiled by the cookies (including your IP address) is transmitted to and saved on Google’s servers in the USA. Google is using this information to analyse your use of the website, compile reports of the activity on the website for the website owner, and to offer other services connected to the use of the website and the Internet. If and when necessary, Google will transmit this data to third parties if legally required or as far as a third party processes the data on behalf of Google. In no way will Google connect your IP address with other data collected by Google. You can prevent the installation of Cookies by using the corresponding browser software settings. In this case, you will not be able to fully use all the functions of this website as intended. By using this website you agree to the treatment of the data collected about you by Google in the way indicated above. You can deactivate the collection and saving of your data at any time.

Additional information on Google’s compliance with applicable data protection laws.

Limitation of liability
Your accessing the website via the internet’s communication networks. You declare to know the risks and to accept them. You have to protect yourself against the effects of information piracy by adopting an adapted and secured computer and IT configuration, notably by using a regularly updated virus detection and elimination software. Luxembourg City Film Festival can’t be held accountable for any damage directly or indirectly inflicted upon you in relation to your browsing on the website. Luxembourg City Film Festival can’t be held accountable for third-party misuse of data provided on the website.

Luxembourg City Film Festival aims to limit the inconveniences caused by technical or material errors as much as ppossible. Certain services of the website can’t however be exempt from errors, with the result that it is impossible to guarantee the services won’t be interrupted or affected by such problems. Luxembourg City Film Festival declines any responsibility concerning problems of this type that could result from using the website.

Despite the care given to the processing of information, Luxembourg City Film Festival declines all responsibility with regard to errors or omissions concerning the information distributed on this website. Luxembourg City Film Festival can’t be held responsible for the interpretation of information containted on this website, nor of the consequences of their use.

Any legal dispute relating to the use of the website will be will be subjected to Luxembourgish law and falls within the exclusive competence of Luxembourgish jurisdiction.

General Terms and Conditions of Sale

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to all purchases of Products Luxembourg City Film Festival Products via the Website.

1. Products
These General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to both purchases of cinema tickets via the Luxembourg City Film Festival online ticketing platform (hereinafter referred to as “Tickets”) and to other Luxembourg City Film Festival products that are purchased online (hereinafter referred to as “Gifts”) such as the Festival PASS. All the products are jointly referred to below as the “Products”.
If one of the conditions only applies to a specific product group, this will be expressly noted.

2. Website
“Website” refers to the luxfilmfest.lu website and the websites that form part of this website, including also the Luxembourg City Film Festival online ticketing platform website. The terms and conditions of use of the Website can be found on the Website under the heading “terms and conditions of use”.

3. Luxembourg City Film Festival
Luxembourg City Film Festival is a non-profit association (a.s.b.l) under Luxembourgish law, with registered office at 11B Place du Théâtre, L-2613 Luxembourg, registered in the Register of Trade and Industries (RCS), section F under the number 6901 and with the VAT number LU21849084. In case of complaints, questions or problems regarding the purchase of Products, the Luxembourg City Film Festival advises its customers first to consult the information on the Website, where the Customer will find the answer to most questions that are asked. The customer can also contact Luxembourg City Film Festival via the mail contact tickets@luxfilmfest.lu or info@luxfilmfest.lu.

4. Customer
The “Customer” is any person or enterprise which purchases Products for non-professional ends via the Website.
By going through the sale process and placing an order, the Customer confirms that he or she has the necessary capacity to enter into this agreement, or at least has permission from his or her guardian to do so.

5. Product information
The Luxembourg City Film Festival makes all the necessary information regarding the Products available on its Website, such as prices at the time of purchase, programming information when purchasing Tickets, and the validity and other terms and conditions of use associated with the Products. The stated prices include all costs associated with the purchase, delivery and use of the Products, unless expressly stated otherwise on the Website. Information regarding the use of Products can also be notified in the proof of purchase and access which the Customer receives. Furthermore, every use of the Products is subject to the in-house rules of the cinema where the Customer wishes to attend the screening.

6. Sales process
The Customer can purchase the Products on the Website and needs to go through the steps described there, such as stating which Products are desired and in what quantity, going through the payment procedure and filling out the personal data required for, among other things, receiving the proof of purchase and access and the electronic delivery of the Products. Every step in the sales process is explained on the Website. The Customer has the opportunity to verify and correct his or her order before proceeding to payment.
During the purchase, the Customer will have the opportunity to take cognizance of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and the privacy statement. The purchase of Products entails acceptance of these conditions and the privacy statement.

7. Payment
The Products can be paid for by means of the online payment methods available on the Website. The Customer is himself responsible for the costs that his financial institution charges for transferring the amount of the purchase to the Luxembourg City Film Festival.
If the Customer qualifies for a reduced rate, as communicated on the Website, the Luxembourg City Film Festival and its participating cinemas (Kinepolis Kirchberg, Ciné Utopia and Cinémathèque) are entitled to request supporting documents to verify the Customer’s right to a reduced rate.
All purchases are payable immediately. The Luxembourg City Film Festival reserves the right to reject or cancel orders if there are indications of fraud.

8. Delivery
Unless expressly stated otherwise on the Website, the Products are always delivered by electronic means, for example by sending a proof of purchase and access to the e-mail address provided by the Customer. The Customer is responsible for the validity of the e-mail address given and is himself responsible for the functioning and security of the e-mail program that he uses to receive the Products. The risk of loss of Products sent by electronic means passes to the Customer at the time of delivery of the e-mail at the Customer’s internet provider.
A proof of purchase will always be sent to the Customer by e-mail with a summary of the main details of the purchase. The Customer is himself responsible for saving this e-mail. If the Customer does not receive a proof of purchase, he can contact the Luxembourg City Film Festival at the e-mail address tickets@luxfilmfest.lu or info@luxfilmfest.lu.
Every confirmation of purchase of Tickets includes a proof of access or a link to this proof of access, with the access code which entitles the Customer to receive the purchased film tickets in the cinema. If the Customer does not have a printer or a smartphone, he can use the reservation code shown on the proof of purchase and access. Only possession of a valid proof of access or reservation code grants access to the cinema.
The confirmation of purchase of a PASS Festival contains one or more unique codes, whereby the Customer can use each of the codes to obtain a Ticket at a later date from the 29 February and to 10th March 2024 and only for the Festival’s screenings. In the case of a Festival PASS, the Customer will have a unique code with which he can obtain 10 Tickets on one or several occasions.
Each proof of access, each reservation code and each of the codes linked to a Festival PASS is unique and cannot be modified or copied and can, unless expressly stated otherwise, only be used once.
Gifts are always delivered by e-mail. The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the e-mail given is valid.

9. Right of withdrawal
The Customer does not have a right of withdrawal when purchasing Tickets or a Festival PASS and therefore reserving seats for a specific film screening or for a special event. Nor can tickets be exchanged.

10. Liability
The Luxembourg City Film Festival warrants that the Products have the characteristics as stated on the Website. When a Customer purchases Tickets or uses a Festival PASS, the availability of seats for the film screening selected is displayed in real time on the Website. The Luxembourg City Film Festival does not guarantee that the film programme will remain unchanged during a specific time.
Only in the event of technical faults on the Website which result in the Customer not receiving the purchased Products at the stated e-mail address will the Luxembourg City Film Festival proceed to refund the purchased Products within a term of a maximum 30 days.
Luxembourg City Film Festival’s liability is in any event limited to the value of the purchased Products.
The Customer is himself responsible for errors in the purchasing process, such as stating an incorrect e-mail address or an incorrect quantity of Products or Product characteristics (such as film selection, screening location, screening time or reserved seats). The Customer is also liable for the use that is made of the Products, such as loss of Products, not using Tickets or Festival PASS in time, allowing other persons to make use of the Products without the Customer’s permission, and for any unlawful use of the Products.

11. Personal data
The Luxembourg City Film Festival requires a number of personal data for processing and executing the purchase. The data collected with a purchase are processed and used in accordance with Luxembourg City Film Festival’s privacy statement, which the Customer can find on the Website and which forms an integral part of every agreement with the Customer. The Customer is deemed to be aware of and to accept this privacy statement.
Luxembourg City Film Festival a.s.b.l is responsible for processing data of a personal nature obtained during the purchase and may outsource the processing of such personal data to a processor.

12. Changes to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale
The Luxembourg City Film Festival reserves the right to amend these General Terms and Conditions of Sale at any time, without warning, among other things in order to reflect changed service provision or changes to legal and regulatory requirements.
The Customer can find the applicable General Terms and Conditions of Sale on the Website with every purchase.

13. Applicable legislation and competent courts
The relationship with the Customer is governed by the law of the country where the purchase is executed. Insofar as and to the extent that this is permitted by this legislation, only the courts of Luxembourg in Luxembourg have exclusive jurisdiction to hear disputes.