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Born in Toulouse in 1993, Ekiem Barbier is an author, a filmmaker and a
musician. In 2012 he directed several short films, fiction and animation, for
which he composed the music. He then entered the School of Fine Arts of
Montpellier. There in 2015 he joined the collective In Extremis with whom
he contributed to several exhibitions. In 2017 Ekiem got his DNSEP (Master
Degree in Plastic expression). The same year, he became interested in
documentary and made Anent (a 42-minute documentary shot in the
upper Amazon of Ecuador), and Marlowe Drive (34-minute film). He
continues his video research with a particular interest in a sensitive
dimension of anthropology and experimentation through a poetic and
digital lens. Ekiem currently lives and works in Marseille.


  • documentary - in development) La Vraie Vie 2023 (TV series
  • animation - triptych - 9 minutes) Acier Trempé Ondes Jardin 2015 (shorts
  • 6 minutes) Bust 2014 (short fiction

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