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Hailing from the vibrant cultural tapestries of Colombia and India, Leo-Amit brings a fusion of diverse influences, resulting in a musical palette that’s as rich and enticing as their backgrounds. Their unique blend of Afro-Latin and World electronic house beats, seamlessly intertwined with live percussion, is a sonic journey that leaves audiences captivated and craving more.

With roots deeply embedded in two continents, their taste in music is an exotic cocktail that seduces the senses. From the pulsating rhythms of Colombian streets to the mystical beats of India, Leo-Amit’s sets are a melting pot of sonic exploration.

Leo-Amit have become the talk of the town in Luxembourg, gracing events, clubs, and festivals with their undeniable allure. The dance floor is their canvas, and their experimental sounds, driven by an array of instruments and devices, have turned Leo-Amit into the hottest property in the Luxembourg music scene. Get ready to surrender to the seduction of Leo-Amit – where every beat is a heartbeat, and every note is a whisper in the underground symphonie.

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