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Ganaël Dumreicher
Short Films 21 min Luxembourg


Three young street artists, who roam the cities as living insect statues, are confronted with the question of what it means to push their art form to perfection.

Standstill as an act of performance and philosophy of life. Lucian, Cally & Coco live in the Casemates, a tunnel system under the city of Luxembourg. They have built a shelter there, hiding from society. During the day they are active as living statues in the city center and amaze passers-by with their insect costumes and their ability to feign torpor. Lucian dreams of becoming a real statue one day, because the more motionless he remains, the more intensely he perceives every second. But when this dream suddenly seems within reach, doubts arise in him.

Alabaster is a film about the pursuit of perfection and the relativity of our subjective feelings. The philosophical starting point of the film was the classic "the myth of Sisyphus" by Albert Camus, in which the hero realizes that the completion of the work takes him back to the beginning of all effort. Similarly, our protagonists personify the concept of the absurd hero.
Propos du réalisateur - Ganaël Dumreicher


  • Fabio Godinho
  • Elsa Rauchs
  • Calypso Kerschen


  • Ganaël Dumreicher


  • Jaakko Taavila


  • Gabriel Ohresser




  • Ganaël Dumreicher
  • Louise Gras

Ganaël Dumreicher

Ganaël Dumreicher
Ganaël Dumreicher

Ganaël Dumreicher (LU/AT), born in 1996 in Vienna, studied electroacoustic composition and experimental music at the University for Music and performing arts Vienna and is currently studying Transmedia Art in the class of Jakob Lena Knebl at the University of Applied arts Vienna.


  • Kiesler’s Body 2023
  • Alabaster 2022
  • Otoportrait 2022
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