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Dancing Queen

Aurora Gossé
School Female Director 12-19 2023 90 min Norway
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Mina is chosen to join a hip-hop crew — except she can’t dance.

12-year-old Mina is a timid, straight-A student focused on school until the famous hip-hop dancer ED Win moves into town. Mina quickly falls in love. She even decides to participate in a competition to get into a hip-hop show he is taking part in. At first, she does not fit in with the hip hop clichés but with the help of her flamboyant grandmother, she will overcome social pressure, accept her body and assert herself with her own style.

Dancing Queen is a breezy coming-of-age comedy influenced by well-known classics like Billy Elliot (2000), Dirty Dancing (1987) and Little Miss Sunshine (2006). Gossé skillfully balances lively dance numbers and a memorable soundtrack with poignant ruminations on the deeper themes of identity, family, and friendship.


Accessible from 12 years and over


  • Liv Elvira Kippersund Larsson
  • Cengiz Al
  • Viljar Knutsen Bjaadal
  • Anne Marit Jacobsen
  • Anders Baasmo
  • Sturla Harbitz
  • Andrea Bræin Hovig
  • Ylva Røsten-Haga


  • Silje Holtet


  • Åsmund Hasli


  • Ole-Erik Schrumpf
  • Simon Nyqvist
  • Adrian Souyris Strumse


  • Mimmi Tamba


  • Thomas Robsahm


Monday 04 March 2024 09:00
Lieux : Cinémathèque
Audio : Norwegian
Subtitles : German
Screening : School Screening

Aurora Gossé

Aurora Gossé
Aurora Gossé

Born in Trondheim and based in Oslo, director Aurora Gossé is known for heartwarming coming-of-age stories. Educated in directing at the Norwegian Film School, her graduation film, Vi som ser i mørket, won the Critics Award at Grimstad’s Short Film Festival in 2015. Her video work across film, television, and music has received numerous accolades, including vidAwards’ Talent of the Year for her music video ‘Echo.’ Dancing Queen represents Gossé’s third feature-length film.


  • Dancing Queen 2023
  • Superheltskolen (TV series) 2022
  • Jordbrukerne (TV series) 2021
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