Made in/With Luxembourg

Ech Hunn Dech

Joshua Thil
Short Films 12 min Luxembourg


An intern confronts a sex offender all alone who can't wait to meet her - with dangerous consequences.

Samantha, a young intern, meets sex offender Lewis on her own, who can’t wait to meet her. A victim of Lewis’ appetite, Samantha sees through his primitive behavior and begins to feed him like an animal blinded by his lust. Determination and deception balance the pair’s deadly encounter as the question of who is trapped with whom arises.

Ech Hunn Dech is the story of Samantha, who is sick of the injustice in this world and takes her fate into her own hands by avenging her sister who committed suicide after being sexually abused. Her violator is still alive and enjoys his superiority over his female victims. It’s the idea of a mouse trapped in a snake's cage, but then, against the audience’s expectation, we flip the table and have the mouse kill the snake. Unfortunately, our society is still full of hidden dangers, where harassment, sexual abuse, kidnapping, and murder still exist, while the discussion of which gender is stronger and which is weaker is a critical issue. Putting a young woman in such a dangerous situation, who nonetheless outwits her male adversary, shows the strength and courage that female characters can embody in the face of societal stigma.We all have those moments of anger within us when we feel that our own justice system is not performing just that - serving justice - and we wish we could do it "right" or "better." But what if we actually did it ourselves, and took justice into our own hands? That is what Samantha does. She takes revenge and faces the monsters of our society by becoming her own judge and executioner. One can be divided about vigilante justice, especially when the criminal gets away with far less than we expected. Ech Hunn Dech deliberately puts the viewer in this type of situation, where the over-the-top ending satisfies the viewer, although we all know that murder is wrong.
Propos du réalisateur - Joshua Thil


  • Joshua Thil


  • Sven Ulmerich


  • Tom Biren


  • Gregory Ney

Joshua Thil

Joshua Thil
Joshua Thil

Born and raised in Dudelange, south of Luxembourg, Joshua Thil has been passionate about cinema since a young age and pursued this passion by attending film school in Luxembourg where he wrote and directed his first two short films A Daughter’s Call (2019) and Afentheater (2021). In the following years, he worked on multiple productions like Zeréck (2022), Les Intranquilles (2021) or The Living Witnesses (2021) to mention just a few before continuing his film studies at the Vancouver Film School where he wrote and produced the short film Elo & Flo (2022).

Ech Hunn Dech (2023) is Joshua’s third short film and his first thriller, which he produced with Jordy Gonçalves Carvalho during the pandemic in 2021.

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