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Baptiste Ménage
Short Films 21 min Luxembourg


Tiago receives a call from his grandmother, who has come from abroad to catch a dinosaur fish in a poisonous lake. At the camp site, Tiago meets a close-knit and friendly community who draw him into their world of suspicion and mystery.

Who doesn't have perfectly educated, cultured, sensible people of all ages and social origins in their entourage, that have succumbed to conspiracy theories?From the dismay of having "lost" a loved one to this closed universe to the consternation of having seen the United States Capitol invaded by fanatics, it appeared to me as a necessity to approach the theme of conspiracy, which is so dangerous for our societies and our life in a community.With Fishy, I wanted to tackle the construction of a conspiracy machine.Covid-19 has brought along a significant loss of confidence in science and in those who govern us, thus our ability to distinguish constructive skepticism from unfounded suspicion is dangerously deteriorating. It is urgent to talk about it. It is even more important to talk about it among those who disagree.With a tone that mixes lightness and mystery, for me, Fishy is a little wake-up call.
Propos du réalisateur - Baptiste Ménage


  • Nilton Martins
  • Claire Johnston-cauldwell
  • Pascale Noé Adam
  • Jérôme Funk
  • Jessica Fernandes
  • Olav Dennhoven
  • Jean-erns Marie-louise


  • Baptiste Ménage


  • Théo Hourbeigt


  • Paul Candelier


  • Deal Productions

Baptiste Ménage

Baptiste Ménage
Baptiste Ménage

Baptiste Ménage is a French writer-director born in 1988. After studying cinema in Paris, Baptiste worked for a few years on all types of film sets, notably as a runner. In 2011, he directed a medium-length film after graduating. After various small jobs, and a try in the army and politics, he founded a production company, which he left in early 2018 to follow another path as a full-time Head of Production in Luxembourg. Baptiste also published his first novel, “Petit Tambour,” in 2019 before directing his latest short film, Fishy.

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