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Fox and Hare save the Forest (De Fox an d’Fonsi retten de Bësch)

Mascha Halberstad
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5-12 Animation 2024 67 min Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium
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An enchanting animated adventure about friendship

Fox and Hare live happily in the woods with their animal friends. But when Owl suddenly disappears and a mysterious lake begins to flood their homes, Fox and Hare decide to set off together to find the missing bird before their forest disappears underwater. Their aquatic adventure leads them to the enterprising Beaver, whose extravagant lodge is brimming with toys and other fun distractions — but at what cost?

While audiences of all ages will enjoy the film’s charming animation style, quirky characters, and light-hearted sense of humor, Fox and Hare Save the Forest also touches on deeper themes such as friendship, loyalty, and the environmental concerns posed by development.


Accessible from 5 years old and over


  • Fabie Hulsebos
  • based on the Vos en Haas series by Sylvia Vanden Heede




Friday 08 March 2024 09:30
Talent présent  •  
Lieux : Ciné Utopia
Audio : Luxembourgish
Subtitles :
Screening : School Screening
Saturday 09 March 2024 15:30
Talent présent  •  
Lieux : Ciné Utopia
Audio : French
Subtitles :
Screening : Public Screening

Mascha Halberstad

Mascha Halberstad
Mascha Halberstad

Mascha Halberstad (1973) is a Dutch filmmaker specializing in stop-motion and animation. After studying at the ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design in Arnhem, she worked on several award-winning short films and children’s television series which strengthened her reputation as one of the Netherlands’ most innovative animators. Fox and Hare Save the Forest is her second feature-length film.


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