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Nuno Beato
5-12 School Animation 2022 85 min Portugal, Spain, France
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A hypnotic and sensitive tale about ancestry and letting go

Rosa is a successful businesswoman. The sudden death of her grandfather, the person who raised her, brings her back to the house where she grew up. Through a series of letters and clues, Rosa discovers that her grandfather has left her an important task to complete. By correcting her grandfather’s past mistakes, she gradually manages to find peace.Overwhelmed by her infernal work rhythm and drained by the lack of social relations, the stubborn Rosa echoes a world that goes too fast. Her return to her native village gives her a breath of fresh air and sets her on the path to fulfilment, against a background of investigation.


  • Aloïse Sauvage
  • Pierre Richard
  • Soleïma Arabi
  • Noam Dubois
  • Mathieu Ehrhard
  • Florent Chako
  • Jean-Yves Lissonnet


  • Possidónio Cachapa
  • Cristina Pinheiro


  • Celia Benavent Català


  • Daniel Camalhão
  • Mathieu Nappez


  • Gaiteiros de Lisboa
  • Carlos Guerreiro
  • Manuel Riveiro


  • Sardinha Em Lata
  • Caretos Films
  • Basque Films
  • Midralgar


Tuesday 07 March 2023 08:45
Lieux : Cinémathèque
Audio : French
Subtitles :
Screening : School Screening

Nuno Beato

Nuno Beato
Nuno Beato

Nuno Beato is one of the founders of the production company Sardinha em Lata, where he works as producer and director. Since 2002 he has been teaching in several institutions in different fields of animation. Nuno Beato has directed the series Ema & Gui (2010), which was screened in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Finland, South Korea and Argentina, and the short film Mi Vida en Tus Manos, (2009), which received eight awards in festivals around the world. My Grandfather’s demons (2022) was his first feature film.


  • Les Démons d’argile 2022
  • Ema & Gui (série TV / TV series / TV Serie) 2010
  • Mi Vida en Tus Manos (court métrage / short / Kurzfilm) 2009
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