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My Love Affair with Marriage

Signe Baumane
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LGBTQIA+ Human Rights & Society Animation 2022 108 min Latvia, United States, Luxembourg
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Looking for perfect love

A young, spirited woman, Zelma, is determined to conform to the pressures of singing Mythology Sirens in order to be loved, but more she conforms, the more her body resists. A story of inner female rebellion.


  • Dagmara Dominczyk
  • Michele Pawk
  • Matthew Modine
  • Cameron Monaghan


  • Signe Baumane


  • Signe Baumane


  • Pierre Vedovato


  • Kristian Sensini


  • The Marriage Project
  • Studio Locomotive
  • Antevita Films


Sunday 05 March 2023 19:00
Talent présent  •  
Lieux : Kinepolis Kirchberg
Audio : English
Subtitles : French
Screening : Public Screening

Signe Baumane

Signe Baumane
Signe Baumane

Signe Baumane was born and raised in Latvia and was creative from a young age. A graduate in philosophy from Moscow State University, she started her career at Riga’s Animated Film Studio as a cel painter and later as a writer, director and designer. She moved to New York and worked with Bill Plympton and in 2005 became a US citizen. She has written, directed and animated shorts and one feature film. Much of her work has a strong female point of view.


  • Five Fucking Fables (short) 2003
  • Dentist (short) 2005
  • Teat Beat of Sex (short) 2008
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