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Alain Ughetto
School 12-19 Animation 2021 70 min France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal
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A moving epic of universal significance.

Beginning of the 20th century, in the north of Italy, in Ughettera, the birthplace of the Ughetto family. As life in this region has become very difficult, the Ughettos dream of a new start abroad. According to legend, Luigi Ughetto crossed the Alps and started a new life in France, which changed the fate of his beloved family forever. His grandson tells their story here.
From a highly personal story, in which the history of his father’s family unfolds, director Alain Ughetto has created an animated film of unprecedented creativity. Every sentence narrated by Ariane Ascaride evokes an infinite tenderness for this unique family whose fate is shared by so many Italians.


  • Ariane Ascaride
  • Alain Ughetto


  • Alain Ughetto
  • Alexis Galmot
  • Anne Paschetta


  • Fabien Drouet
  • Sara Sponga


  • Nuno Carvalho
  • Virginie Messiaen


  • Nicola Piovani


  • Les Films du Tambour de Soie


Monday 06 March 2023 09:00
Lieux : Ciné Utopia
Audio : French, Italian
Subtitles : French
Screening : School Screening
Tuesday 07 March 2023 09:00
Lieux : CNA
Audio : French, Italian
Subtitles : French
Screening : Public Screening

Alain Ughetto

Alain Ughetto
Alain Ughetto

Born in France, Alain Ughetto is a seasoned animator and documentary filmmaker. La Boule (1985) premiered in Cannes and won France’s César Award for Best Short Animation Film. Jasmine (2013) won the European Film Award for Best Animated Feature Film. After a long maturation, he returned to shape the story of his grandfather as well as of many Italian immigrants.


  • Interdit aux chiens et aux Italiens 2021
  • Jasmine 2013
  • La boule (short) 1984
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