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Florencia Wehbe
School 12-19 2022 90 min Argentina, Italy
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A hard-hitting film about body acceptance

Paula, a 14 year old girl, hates her body. In order to express her emotions and frustrations, she decides to create a blog and thus enters a virtual community where Internet users react to her problems. At the same time, she is in conflict with her mother, in whom an unhealthy transition is occurring. Paula’s quest turns into an obsession and she finds herself caught in a spiral of anorexia and bulimia.


  • Lucía Castro
  • Lara Griboff
  • Julieta Montes
  • Tiziana Faleschini
  • Rocio Liz Correa
  • Virginia Schulthess
  • Alberto Bernuez


  • Florencia Wehbe
  • Daniela De Francesco


  • Nadir Medina


  • Guido Deniro


  • Populous


  • Bombilla Cine
  • The Piranesi Experience


Friday 10 March 2023 09:00
Lieux : Cinémathèque
Audio : Spanish
Subtitles : French
Screening : School Screening

Florencia Wehbe

Florencia Wehbe
Florencia Wehbe

Florencia Wehbe is from Río Cuarto, Argentina. After studying at the Córdoba Film School, she directed her first feature film, Mañana tal vez (2021), which won the Best Argentine Film Award at the Mar Del Plata International Film Festival, the Best Sound Award at the Guayaquil International Film Festival, and the Audience Award at the Santiago del Estero Film Festival. She has also worked as an art director for various feature films


  • Paula 2022
  • Mañana tal vez 2021
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