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Piety (La Piedad)

Eduardo Casanova
Late Night Bizarre by Utopia Outside the Box 2022 84 min Spain, Argentina
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Mommie dearest

20-something Mateo has a toxic relationship with his over-protective mother Libertad, who is obsessed with her dance classes and the colour pink. They do everything together until a medical diagnosis shatters their lives. Meanwhile, in North Korea a miliary officer tries to flee the dictatorship with his family.


  • Ángela Molina
  • Manuel Llunell
  • Ana Polvorosa
  • Macarena Gómez
  • Daniel Freire
  • Antonio Durán
  • María León
  • Alberto Jo Lee
  • Meteora Fontana
  • Songa Park


  • Eduardo Casanova


  • Luis Ángel Pérez


  • Mar González Bosque


  • Pedro Onetto


  • Pokeepsie Films
  • Crudo Films
  • Spal Films
  • Productions Link UP
  • Gente Seria


Tuesday 07 March 2023 22:00
Lieux : Kinepolis Kirchberg
Audio : Spanish
Subtitles : English
Screening : Public Screening

Eduardo Casanova

Eduardo Casanova
Eduardo Casanova

Born in Madrid in 1991, Eduardo Casanova started his film career at the age of 14 when he joined the cast of sitcom Aida as Fidel, an openly gay teenager. He has also acted in theatre and began directing short films and directed commercials for Vogue and other brands. His first feature, Pieles (Skins), premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 2017 and was nominated for the Teddy Award (for films dealing with LGBTQ+ topics).


  • El sexilio (short) 2022
  • La Piedad 2022
  • Lo siento mi amor (short) 2018
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