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Tales of Franz

Johannes Schmid
5-12 School 2022 78 min Germany, Austria
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Rediscovering friendship

Franz, the smallest one in his class, always asks the other pupils for advice. Franz’s teacher, nicknamed Zick Zack, and the most beautiful girl in the class, Elfi, cause him some difficulties. But when he discovers the influencer Hank Haber, who is considered a real role model for dominant men, and follows his advice, his two best friends Gabi and Eduard no longer recognise him. Only when his friend Gabi suddenly disappears is Franz back to his old self.
In the end, the trio of friends finds again what they had lost: their precious friendship.
The film is based on the book series by Austrian author Christine Nöstlinger.


  • Jossi Jantschtisch
  • Nora Reidinger
  • Ursula Strauss


  • Sarah Wassmair based on the book “Geschichten vom Franz” by Christine Nöstlinger 


  • Matthias Grunsky


  • Toni Martin Dobrzanski


  • Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion
  • if... Productions


Monday 06 March 2023 09:15
Lieux : Ciné Utopia
Audio : German
Subtitles :
Screening : School Screening
Wednesday 08 March 2023 09:00
Lieux : CNA
Audio : German
Subtitles :
Screening : Public Screening

Johannes Schmid

Johannes Schmid

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