Made in/With Luxembourg

The Last Paper (De Läschte Pabeier)

Romain Gierenz
Short Films 17 min Luxembourg


While the couple Zoé and Ben are staying in a hotel in Paris, their sleep is disturbed by a rustling noise from the next room. At first they think it’s a mouse that’s up to mischief in a paper bag. But they quickly notice that the paper bag itself is making noises and seems to be breathing. Ben tries to be logical about it, but Zoé’s emotions suggest that the bag found its way into her life for a very different reason.

In life, there are strokes of fate that cannot be avoided. You have to accept this painful struggle and learn to deal with it.Not everything can be helped by another person. The inner struggle we can only with our self. Keeping a distance is not a nice experience, but sometimes it is necessary. Although love may overcome all obstacles, the obstacles still leave scars that shape us and make us stronger.The Last Paper is a film about powerlessness, showing us that we are never completely in control of our lives, but reminding us of the gratitude we often forget in our affluent society.
Propos du réalisateur - Romain Gierenz


  • Romain Gierenz


  • Serge Benassutti


  • Arnaud Mellet


  • Hy-Khang Dang


  • Calach Films

Romain Gierenz

Romain Gierenz
Romain Gierenz

Romain Gierenz is a film director from Luxembourg. He studied film and media design in Stuttgart and then worked on commercials and self-produced projects in his home country. He has directed a sitcom and a short film with Calach Films. His favourite genres are mystery, horror and sci-fi, which he combines in his works and tries to set his own emphases.


  • The Last Paper (court-métrage) 2022
  • Channel 39 (court-métrage) 2020
  • "Op 40 Patten" (documentaire) 2016
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