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Youth (Spring) (Qingchun)

Wang Bing
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Human Rights & Society Documentaries 2023 212 min France, Luxembourg, Netherlands
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A dizzying dive into the daily life of a textile town.

Zhili, 150 km from Shanghai. In this city dedicated to textile manufacturing, young workers come from all the rural regions crossed by the Yangtze River. They are in their early twenties, share dormitories and snack in the corridors. They work tirelessly to be able one day to raise a child, buy a house or set up their own workshop. Between them, friendships and love affairs are made and unmade according to the seasons, bankruptcies and family pressures.

In this first part of a planned trilogy, virtuoso director Wang Bing films the workers of a textile town. Their clean, swift gestures are repeated ad infinitum for tiny sums of money. They almost have the efficiency of machines, but the Chinese filmmaker places them in 3h35 of pure existence, punctuated by stories of love, illness, revolt and laughter.


  • Maeda Yoshitaka
  • Xiaohui Shan
  • Yang Song
  • Xianhui Liu
  • Bihan Ding
  • Bing Wang


  • Ranko Paukovic


  • Gladys Glover Films
  • House on Fire
  • CS Productions
  • Eastern-Lion Pictures and Culture Media Co.,
  • Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains
  • Volya Films
  • Arte France Cinéma,


Friday 01 March 2024 20:00
Talent présent  •  
Lieux : Ciné Utopia
Audio : Chinese
Subtitles : English
Screening : Public Screening

Wang Bing

Wang Bing
Wang Bing

Born in Xi’an in 1967, Wang Bing studied photography at the Shenyang Fine Arts School and then joined the Film Academy. In the 1990s, he earned his living as a cameraman and assistant. In 2002, he directed West of the tracks, a nine-hour documentary on the demise of a huge industrial zone in China. After that, he continued to tackle subjects that were difficult to say the least: “anti-Rightist” repression, extreme poverty, life in a psychiatric hospital… In 2017, he won the Golden Leopard at the Locarno Film Festival for Mrs. Fang. In 2021, the Cinémathèque française will devote a retrospective to his work. In 2023, the Cannes Film Festival presents two new films by the director in official selection: Spring in competition, and Man in Black in special screening.


  • Man in Black 2023
  • Jeunesse (Le printemps) 2023
  • Beauty Lives in Freedom 2018
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